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So obviously here at the DDS we are more into dressage than racing but because we love our horses so much we spend a lot of our time watching the racing too! So we often get asked for betting tips, but unfortunately we know nothing about that side of the business. We can sometimes look at a horse and say well that horse is not in the mood to run today but that comes from spending so much time around horses and learning their traits. In any case we absolutely do not agree with gambling of any sort.

A colleague of ours though recently exposed us to a website called Oddsmonkey and Profit Accumulator. These websites show you how to do risk free betting. So no gambling involved at all. Like us you are probably asking yourself what is the point in that. If there is no risk there is no reward, right? Well that is what we thought until he explained it further. Matched betting involves placing 2 bets to cancel each other out, again this sounds pointless but here is the clever bit.

Bookmakers will offer their customers free bets for placing bets with them. So we can unlock these free bets by doing matched bets. So there is no risk to our money as we have bet on all sides of the bet. We can bet on a horse to win and then go to Betfair and bet on the same horse not to win. Then once the race is complete, we break even but have a free bet to use! Genius.

So the question is how do we use our free bet. Well we can either just punt it on another horse and hope it wins or we can again do a matched bet and guarantee ourselves a profit. Now because it’s a free bet we can place our 2 bets in such a way that no matter what happens we will come out in profit. The maths is a little tricky but that is where oddsmonkey comes in. Their software does all the hard work for us so we just need to enter the details of our chosen bet and they tell you what to do in order to profit.

So these matched betting sites have a monthly membership fee however it only costs £15 a month and by ustilising their training and software you can make quite a lot of money every month using this technique. In my first month I made £789 and each month my profits have gone up as I learn more about it. There are so many different ways to approach it and to get involved that the money just keeps rolling in.

Normally I wouldn’t write about such a topic on this website however this extra money has been so life changing for me that I was compelled to share this story and hopefully at least one person will read it and learn something they didn’t know before and it will change their life for the better as well.